-Private Skype lessons: Easiest way to learn

- Provide 100% attention to your English needs.

- Solve out all your doubts and build confidence.

- Polish all those little details that many are prone to miss.

- Improve much faster compared to traditional classroom lessons..

-Brush up all your vocabulary.

Spoken English Course

My personalized learning solution is ideal for people who want to improve their spoken English to be able to have a regular, fluent English conversation.

-I  have more than 10 years experience, I have many different students from different languages and backgrounds.

I  choose the best English course for you!

My classes are designed

-My classes are designed to help you build your confidence in speaking English and are a good way to increase your vocabulary.

Every class is structured to ensure that you benefit by talking about 2 or 3 interesting topics.


-Personal, Effective and Convenient

-Personal - Each class is personal to you. I  will adapt your class to your priorities, needs and desires.
-Effective - My target for every lesson is to encourage students to speak for at least 75% of the class time.
-Convenient - My class times are varied from morning until evening. 5 days each week to suit your availability.)

Conversational lessons via Skype

-In my Skype lessons conversation is the single most powerful tool. I will lead the conversation in the lesson,  and give you the "grammar tools" you need to get started.

-Then  I will help you to use those grammar structures to express what you want to say -   From Day ONE!

-I believe that learning grammar needs to be linked to Speaking, to have a greater impact upon your grasp of the English language.

Frequently Asked Questions


The delivery time is set for 3 days which I believe is more than enough time to plan and schedule the lesson's day and time. In the unfortunate case you can't make it the day planned, no worries, let me know with at least 12 to 24 hours in advance. time for us both.

When do we start??

You have between 24 to 48 hours after the order has been placed. Why? To avoid misunderstandings about date and time.The goal is to schedule a good time for us both.



Is grammar difficult?

It is, we have some crazy rules but I always make it quick and painless. My aim is to teach you something as I was telling you a tale, this way you memorize it faster and it doesn't seem complicated at all.
What about time difference?

We can always achieve a good time arrangement. Don't worry 🙂






Terms and conditions of service

Some important information:

  1. Lessons can last a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours.
  2. We can do it on whichever platform you prefer such as Skype/Facebook Messenger/Hangouts/Telegram/Whastapp or one of your preference. I'm always keen to learn about new calling apps.
  3. If you would like extra lessons the same day or extra time, that too counts as extra and I need you to let me know before purchasing so I can make the time for your lesson.
  4. I need you to give me your topics to study or the ones you wanna talk about.
  5. Let me know which field you want to practice: speaking, pronunciation improvement, grammar, spelling, etc.
  6. Let me know your level of knowledge of selected language / You can take a English test that I will provide you in order to know your English Level.
  7. Please note that if you wish to reschedule or cancel the class, let me know that you cannot make a lesson within 24 hours, and  we can reschedule it as early as possible, otherwise you lose your class.

Online classes with me are essentially a conversation where we go over the areas of that you need help with. I can answer a list of questions you have, teach you an entire verb tense, phrasal verbs, idioms, grammar, help you write an email or CV, help you with your accent and pronunciation, or just have a conversation with you!  You can have as many tutoring sessions with me at any time, so long as I'm available.