Reasons to Learn Spoken English

Different EFL students learn how to speak English for various reasons. Some examples include:

  • Travel – In most countries around the world, English
    is the universal language used for oral communication between locals and
  • Tourism – Employees of tour operators, restaurants,
    hotels, airlines, tourist landmarks, and vendors communicate with
    international travelers every day. Spoken English is essential for
    successful tourism operations.
  • Business – Companies seek out oral English training
    in order to improve international service standards; develop and
    maintain relationships with international clients, partners, and
    suppliers; and increase overall competitiveness.

  • Academics – Students who would like to enroll in high
    school, university, or other educational programs overseas will
    generally be required to have strong oral English skills, as well as a
    good score on a proficiency exam which includes a spoken component (like
    the IELTS).
  • Immigrants – Immigrants need to learn
    English in order to communicate in everyday life situations, assimilate
    into their new home, and to gain employment.
  • Banking – Within the world of finance and investment,
    there is demand for English communication abilities as multinational
    banks expand operations in new markets.
  • Social Status – In some countries, speaking English
    fluently is a sign of good education, background, and wealth. Speaking
    English also gives people the possibility of communicating with more
    people and having more social relationships and friends.

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