150+ Slang Words and Expressions in English, 350+ Movies & Series video clips


150+ Slang Words and Expressions in English, 350+ Movies & Series video clips

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Video dictionary of the 150+ most important slang words and expressions, and more than 350+ video clips from movies and series.

Informal vocabulary to speak with clients and colleagues outside of work, and with students and professors outside of the classroom.

Who this course is for:

This course is for you if:
– You want to be fluent in English.
– Speak English more confidently.
– Better understand spoken English.
– Advanced conversational vocabulary.
– Understand informal English, and add a variety of vocabulary into your English language.
– Never be confused in English conversation or having problems with understanding.

8 reviews for 150+ Slang Words and Expressions in English, 350+ Movies & Series video clips

  1. Carlos Navarro

    Hello, I just finished the course, thank you Nab for this interesting course, I really enjoy it, it’s something totally different so many interesting words and expressions to boost my understanding, especially when it comes to movies and native speakers.
    The idea of giving examples with movies is brilliant!! I don’t k ow how you found all these videos 😳😳… bit it was such a great job:)
    Thank you Nab, and for sure if you release another course like this one, I’ll be the first to take.
    You’re the best.

    • Nab

      Thank you very much Carlos, I’m glad you enjoy the course!!

  2. Noelia

    A very nice way to learn, I had so much fun with movies and series 😀.
    I highly recommend it.

    • Nab

      Thank you very much Noelia:)

  3. Aleksandra Trajkova

    I have taken many English courses. Some of them were focusing on grammar boring conversations with teachers. I always lost interest.
    When I saw this course, I knew that is something different. I enjoy every second with you Nab. Thank you for this opportunity to learn English with this easy and most interesting way, that I have never seen.❤

    • Nab

      it’s a pleasure, I’, glad that you like it and above all you have learnt so many things 🙂

  4. Nadia Comaneci

    Thank you Nab! The course was very helpful. I learned many new words and expressions that will help me better understand native speakers. Good luck!

    • Nab

      Hey Nadia, Thank you for your words glad you like it.

  5. Pierre

    yes very amazing to see my self can understand the american idioms and even try to speak like them , i really hope this course transfer me to native to upgrade my career path

  6. Viktoria Shkut

    The course was great! I love the way Nab explains the meaning of the words with videos first so you can guess it before you get a definition. Also there are lots of examples of usage so it won’t be another new word in your vocabulary you don’t know when and how to use.
    Videos are short and absolutely not boring, all the words are up-to-date and are among the most important ones. Nab starts with useful phrases like “What’s up”, “No worries” etc and goes to more complicated ones: adjectives (hot, lit, flakey), verbs (score, hook up etc) and nouns (dude, grub etc)
    The only problem for me was that most of them were already familiar to me with my advanced level of English and huge communication practice. I’ve learnt only 25-30 new words.
    Any level of English is okay for taking this course – from Beginner to Upper Intermediate or even Advanced. But I recommend this course for those who doesn’t know slang at all or has little knowledge, who has never been in a native speakers’ environment for a long time or who has a small vocabulary in colloquial (informal) english.
    Thank you Nab!

    • Nab

      OMG Viktoria, Thank you very much for your words and sharing your point of you with us, I’m glad you liked the course and at least you learnt 30 words.
      Great job!

  7. carlos lopez (verified owner)

    it’s cool, I really love it

    • Nab

      Thank you Carlos, I’m glad you like it.

  8. Carmen

    I am having so much fun with course, thank you very much Nab, I’ve learnt so many things here, now I guess I will understand native speakers and movies better, it was a good idea putting all the movies and series there… good one. thank you Nab:)

    • Nab

      Thank you very much Carmen, glad you like the course:)

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