Expression about sleep!

In this lesson, you will learn 8 idioms and expressions regarding sleep.

sleep like a log

= to sleep very well, without waking up during the night.

A “log” is a long length of wood from a tree. So the literal meaning is to sleep like a piece of wood!

Nab is sleeping like a log.
The next morning, Nab says:
Nab: “Last night I slept like a log.”

The verb “sleep” is an irregular verb in English. The past simple form is “slept” and the past participle is also “slept”

fast asleep

“fast asleep” is an adjective. It is a state.
It means to be sleeping very well.


He is fast asleep.

to not sleep a wink

= to NOT sleep at all.

Nab: “Last night I didn’t sleep a wink.”

hit the sack

This is an informal expression. It means to go to bed to sleep.

Nab: “I’m tired. I’m going to hit the sack. Good night!”


drop off to sleep

= the moment you start to sleep.

Nab dropped off to sleep after lunch.


fall asleep

= to start to sleep.

Nab is falling asleep on the floor.


Sleep in // lie-in

It means to sleep until a later time than usual. (by choice)
“lie-in” is mainly a British English word and expression. It isn’t often used in American English.


In American English, we say “to sleep in”

in British English they say: lie-in

It’s the weekend. Nab is sleeping in.

It’s Saturday. Nab is having a lie-in.



This is a verb.
It means to sleep until a later time than usual. (NOT by choice)


Nab wakes up late. When he arrives at work, he says to his boss:
Nab: “Sorry I’m late. I overslept.”

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