My story

English with Nab was born in 2009 to allow people from all around the world to learn English with the best teachers, the best method and the best structure.

My Approach

I believe in instilling a passion for lifetime learning into my students. One way I instill this passion is by being a model lifetime learner for my students. I believe that every student can reach their learning potential, with high expectations, the necessary support and opportunities, Students are undertaking their own learning, while I am present to guide and facilitate their journey. I work hard to create an environment  that celebrates achievement and progress. In my experience as a teacher, I have learnt that there is always room for improvement, and as I discover new and engaging techniques, I hope to incorporate them into my teaching methods.

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My personalized learning solution is ideal for people who want to improve their spoken English to be able to have a regular, fluent English conversation.


Online intensive courses with a teacher.

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-When you try to speak English, do you 'draw blank' or cry 'crocodile tears'? Do you think English is 'a load of cobblers', and that it 'costs an arm and a leg'? You're 'barking up the wrong tree', because my prices won't 'break the bank' I don't want 'to blow one's own trumpet' or 'curry favor', but I am 'the be-all and end all' of learning English.

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